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Hello, my name is Bill Rose. I’m a pastor in Holly Springs, NC.

“I Was Wrong About The Church”

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Just A Small Town Pastor In Holly Springs, NC


Hey ya’ll! At first I wrote this paragraph in the third person, but honestly its really weird writing about myself that way – so I thought I’d just say a few things about myself, as myself. It’s my privilege to be a pastor in Holly Springs, NC at Oasis Church, where my primary focus is presenting Jesus to those who don’t know Him and pursuing Him with those who do. Some friends and I started Oasis back in 2014 and my dream has been to become a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that is rooted in God’s word, flourishing with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and making a significant difference in the community. Honestly, we aren’t there yet. The vision hasn’t been fulfilled. But we are still working toward it! In addition to my role as pastor, I serve as a member of the executive board at the Falcon Children’s Home. I spent six years of my childhood in Foster Care as a resident of this same children’s home, and it dramatically changed my life. I found friends, family and eventually met Jesus when I was in the 9th grade. I began to feel a calling to ministry there by the time he was 15. Eventually, I was adopted by my “real mom and dad” at the age of 16. After graduation, I went on to pursue a bachelors degree in youth ministry (mainly because I thought it would be easy…and it was) but then later I got serious and completed a Masters Degree in theological studies. I am 38 years old, married to Jennifer with three children, and I enjoy writing, exercising, & being home with my family.

If you are local, consider visiting Oasis Church sometime in Holly Springs, or watch online for a Sunday service! If you are interested in having me speak at an event for your church or community gathering, it’ll cost you about 30k for the speaking fee…but you can contact me here. (just kidding about the 30k 😂 )


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