04 | “He Knows Me”

On the 4th day of Christmas, I’d like to acknowledge Tianna Leger. You are leaving the unseen, the unnoticed, and you are going to be in the spotlight in this next season. Don’t ever forget those years of being “developed in the dark room.” God always saw you. He noticed. He always valued, appreciated and respected you. He knows your heart, your ways, and every hair on your head. He called you, he named you, and his plans for you are great.

Today’s Reading: Luke 1:48; Psalm 139:1-4;  Psalm 147:5


“… for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.” (Luke 1:48)

Mary is acknowledging, “My God knows me, he knows my situation, he knows all things. God knows my thoughts, my feelings, my inmost being. 

Sometimes we tend focus on the principle of “knowing God” so much that we forget how much HE knows US. God knows you, intimately. 

He’s a personal God who thinks, feels, speaks, loves, and knows. Some ladies are looking for a man who will pay attention to them, watch their every move, know their feelings, and be aware of their needs, paying attention to their words. No man does this as well as God. 

Maybe Joseph is paying attention to Mary, but he’s probably the only one. She’s a small town girl from nowhere-ville, Nazareth. God knows her, loves her, shows her attention, and ultimately meets her needs.” 

Mary is singing “He’s my Lord, he’s my savior, and He Knows ME.” What are you singing?