05 | Honor & Respect

On the 5th day of Christmas, I’d like to acknowledge Jeremiah Caswell. You’ve embodied this sense of “honor” to everyone you come into contact with. You honor up, down and all around. When people are at their lowest, you step in and show honor, respect, and give dignity to them when they feel the least valued, least noticed, and least loved.

Way to go Jeremiah for embodying this attribute of God. 

Today’s Reading: Luke 1:48

A Simple Thought: God Gives Honor and Respect

This is amazing… “…from now on all generations will call me blessed.” What do you think people are saying now?  Cheater, adulterer, #thot, liar. But she has her future glory in mind. She does not cling to her reputation, she doesn’t make much of herself, she isn’t looking in the mirror saying “body positivity” or taking 60 degree selfies trying to get noticed. She just lets go and says, “Recognition will come in due time, I’m blessed, I’ll just worship God and do what he has called me to do.”  

God is giving her her honor and respect. This is what is most amazing about our God. Other religions do not freely give honor or respect. They strip, they steal, they abuse. Our God gives. And he gives value, worth, honor. Some of you feel unworthy, undignified, dishonored…well, God calls you sons and daughters. He honors and respects his children.