10 | “Generous”

On the 10th day of Christmas, I’d like to acknowledge Brian Fuller. You stepped in and carried our worship department through a very challenging, unpredictable year. You’ve been generous with your time and your talents. Late nights editing, early mornings emailing, all of it is making a difference. Thank you for “giving” of yourself when you could have withheld. You have made a significant difference in our community.

Today’s Reading: Luke 1:53 – “he has filled the hungry with good things, and has sent the rich away empty.”

A Simple Thought:

Most of us have never experienced hunger. We are gluttons, not hungry. We are over weight, not underfed. We think we are hungry when we go 10-15 minutes longer than normal between meals, and we get a little attitude with people and call it “hangry.” But that’s not hunger or anger, it’s just using our appetite as an excuse to be a jerk and lack self control. We’ve never experienced true hunger.

Back then, there was actual hunger, and Mary knew what it was like to be hungry. She’s living off the beaten path, in a farming community, and if the fields don’t produce a harvest, you don’t eat. She has likely experienced famine, she’s probably had many dinners at the table where she ate with her siblings but her parents sat and watched because there was not enough food for the whole family. She know what it’s like to “lack.” But in this moment she is acknowledging God has “filled the hungry.” For 400 years previous to Jesus birth, her ancestors were starving, hungering for the messiah. And God is delivering. At this point, real food matters very little. She is filled with the life of Christ.

God is generous, not because he gives us what we want, but because he gives us exactly what we need.