#1 – AWE. If you would have told me 5 years ago all that God was going to do through Oasis, I’m not sure I would have believed you! I’m in awe.

#2 – PLANS. God’s plans are so much bigger than our dreams and He is able to do so much more than we could ever ask! (Isaiah 55:8)

#3 – COURAGE – I’m asking God to give me the courage to dream bigger…I was at a conference one time and the speaker said a) it is a sin for a leader to have a small vision when b) we have such  HUGE God who REIGNS over then entire universe. I think I agree wholeheartedly with B, and I’m truly motivated by the sentiment of A.

#4 – DOUBLE – I truly believe that this time next year, will have DOUBLED in size. I believe this is possible w/ God and I believe we are currently on track to see it happen!

#5 – TISSUES – This Sunday, get ready to celebrate, laugh, and dream!…Oh and if you feel feelings, bring tissues.

#6 – BEST – This Sunday at Oasis might be the best thing happening in Holly Springs. This is not a comparison to other churches, this is a comparison to all the other things you might choose to do instead of Church! I hope you’ll plan to be here!

#7 – STORIES –  The church impacts and the gospel changes ONE LIFE AT A TIME. A few of those life-change stories will be on display this Sunday!

#8 – BUZZ -There is a buzz in our church right now that is AWESOME!

#9 – SADDENED -This whole 5 year thing has me looking back at old pics of our church. My heart is truly saddened to see pics of some of the families who left over the past few years. Incredible people, amazing families, some left for jobs out of state and relocations, etc. But some left mad, or feeling awkward, or whatever. And I truly miss of many of them.

#10 – PRAYING – there are some changes I need to make in the way I lead and the way I handle my day to day. I really want to be more effective in every area of my life as we turn another page at Oasis. Would appreciate your prayers on that!