#1- You are replaceable. There are other people who can do your job as good as or better than you. Don’t think too highly of yourself.

#2- They say it’s lonely at the top. Don’t be the “top,” stay humble and lowly, there’s more community there. Humble yourself. 

#3- You cannot fix everything. Only Jesus can do that. Stop trying.

#4- People will misjudge you. They judge you on the basis of what they think they know, and you can’t always tell them everything. Let ‘em believe it.

#5- Pastoring will cost you sleep. You may be the only one awake, but that’s part of leadership. Write it down. 

#6- Sometimes “confidential” isn’t possible, you’ll have a check in your gut & you’ll know…follow your gut. 

#7- The inner workings of ANY organization is not always pretty. What seems great on the outside isn’t always great within. Expect it.

#8- You & your family will be targeted. No matter how hard you try to shield them, the arrows sometimes still hit them. Keep guarding. 

#9- Your absolute best won’t be good enough for some people. That’s just the way it is. Don’t quit.

#10- Christians are most critical of 2 groups: “sinners” and “pastors” – they hold both to unusual standards. Smile about it 🙂

#11- You can’t outrun your calling. If God called you to lead, you can’t ignore it. Push forward.

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