12 | “HUMBLE”

Today’s Reading: Luke 1:54-55

A Simple Thought: God is humble. Too often in the church we are preaching and teaching about what God wants us to do for him. We talk about working and serving and giving. The reality is, he doesn’t need us. We need HIM!  The mere fact that He’s willing to get involved in our lives our mess, and then he comes from heaven to earth, God incarnate, he humbly serves and helps us navigate this complex world. He’s a humble God. He has every reason to be prideful, full of himself, leveraging his power to accumulate more for himself. Instead, he comes as a baby, and lives among us, and he serves, heals, cares, encourages, defends.  God is humble. He was good to Mary. She worshipped him because she could see his goodness throughout history and she was confident that He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. 

Merry Christmas!