#1 – Oasis is NOT looking for reasons to EXCLUDE people, instead, we look for reasons to INCLUDE people.

#2 – It’s impossible to thrive in your relationship with Jesus if you are not connected to the body of Christ.

#3 – You CAN be a Christian WITHOUT being weird.

#4 – We are more interested in winning people than winning arguments.

#5 – We are cool with people who are not christians acting as though they are not christians.

#6 – Oasis is a place where the Christians realize we are JUST AS SCREWED up as Non-Christians.

#7 – If Christianity is nothing more than modified behavior, then the whole system becomes a house of cards.

#8 – Good behavior doesn’t get us anywhere, but Jesus does.

#9 – Week make church simple. We will do a few things well as opposed to doing many things poorly.

#10 – We will embrace change, looking forward to seeing how God cultivates and shapes Oasis

#11 – Every year at Oasis we will likely be either adding a new service, sending a church planter, or building a facility.

#12 – We see this church as our home, not a hotel.

#13 – If you are not serving, then you are not maturing as a believer.

#14 – If we build this church around BILL’s abilities, it will crumble. This is a church where people minister to one another.

#15 – Christian growth and maturity is NOT about knowing more Bible, it is about using the spiritual gift that God gave me to serve other people.

#16 – Our vision is not about a building, it is about reaching and baptizing people. Buildings are just tools, people are the church.

#17 – Everything at Oasis won’t “please” you. Show some grace, don’t be selfish. This isn’t about you.

#18 – [tweet]We are all committed to reaching unchurched people. Everything we do is an attempt to be more effective at that.[/tweet]