#1 – 20/20 – I’m starting a new series this Sunday. It’s a vision series. I know there are a lot of people who are just “kicking tires” at Oasis. A lot of people are still “church shopping.” Well, here’s an opportunity to learn all the “information” you need while you are still feeling everything out around here. I’m laying out who we are, how we roll, why we do, and where we are headed as a church.

#2 – Thank You – There is no way I could express the gratitude I feel for those of you who serve and give faithfully at Oasis. If it wasn’t for you there would be no such thing as Oasis Church. One of the things I love about this church is that it has never centered around a single person or event. We aren’t driven by a single personality, we are driven by the reason we are all together…”so that people can have new life in Christ”. Oasis is growing because YOU are committed to the vision of reaching unchurched people. Thank you!

#3 – Be A Bringer – We are coming into a season at Oasis where you can literally pick ANY Sunday and bring somebody. From now until Easter, any guest (believer or not) will be inspired and motivated by the subjects and music on Sunday morning at Oasis. This is a PERFECT time to invite people. Also, people are more likely to say yes when you offer to buy their lunch after church, too! #justsayin

#4 – Don’t Miss January 20th – Don’t say I didn’t warn you :) Seriously, we are pumping it up for a reason. It’s our 5 year anniversary and we have something special to show you.