Here are 7 principles I seek to live by as a husband and a father.  Obviously I know I’m a bonehead sometimes and I’ll jack this up occasionally, but as I grow into the role God has given me, I hope these things will become a part of my identity…

1. I’m an initiator. When it comes to prayer, family time, serving, lovemaking, responsibilities, conflict resolution, reconciliation, peacemaking, and vision for my family. I’m the initiator.

2. I’m a worker. If it’s 9 to 5, or just tinkering around the house, staying up late to take care of responsibilities for the family, no matter what it is, I will work.

3. I’m a learner. There might be a lot I don’t know how to do, but there’s not a lot that I can’t learn how to do. God has blessed me with so many resources, and I use them to my advantage so that I could sharpen my skills as a man every day. I’m a learner.

4. I’m a lover. With two girls in the house, I must learn to love well. I am patient, I’m caring, I’m kind, I am slow to anger, I mend wounds instead of creating them, I’m attentive, encouraging, & supportive. I’m a lover.

5. I’m a worshipper. I put God first, seek to lead and pastor my family toward a God centered life. My commitment to God adds value to my family and doesn’t harm them or cause me to neglect them.

6. I’m a listener. Keeping a keen ear on the “pulse” of the family. I’m listening, watching, anticipating. I listen deeply in conversation, I listen deeply in the spirit, and I act accordingly.

7. I’m a protector. I protect her heart. I protect our intimacy. I protect her dreams, hopes, aspirations. I am loyal to her toward others, i stick by her side. I have a soft, loving spirit toward her, but I sharpen my sword for those who may seek to harm her.

PS…I’m NOT ALWAYS these things. I have to remind myself of this stuff over and over. It’s not easy and it’s not pretty.