#1 – I believe the potential for Oasis Church to do good and make an impact in our community is greater than it has ever been. #HereForGood

#2 – I believe that the FOUNDATION of this desire to do good and make an impact in our community has to be the GOSPEL…any other foundation is sinking sand. No politician, no political ideology, no cool ministry fads, no new age wisdom or ideas have the ability to withstand the storm ahead… the Roman Empire has fallen, the Mayan empire is now an underground museum,  the Ottoman empire is toast, and countless other “empires” have been forgotten about, but THE GOSPEL has survived and thrived though the rise and fall of many empires. America will fall one day, but the gospel will not. American ideals will fade, but the gospel will remain!

#3 – I believe some of the greatest agents of gospel centered change in Holly Springs are currently in elementary school, middle school and high school…this means ministering to the next generation is of utmost importance. We have an opportunity to shape the future by influencing our children. 

#4 – I believe that we’re going to see an incredible move of God in our community over the next few years. It will a Holy Spirit filled, authentic expression of God’s supernatural power, and it will happen in our community because Oasis Church, among others, has decided to step up and BE the church that the community is looking for. Everyone may not agree with our beliefs, but they will be thankful for our presence!

#5 – I believe the key to a healthy church tomorrow is healthy church LEADERSHIP today…Healthy Churches are led by Healthy leaders. This is why I’m going to take some intentional time this fall and invest in our key LEADERS at Oasis. Be on the lookout for details about this! 

#6 – I believe that if ALL Oasis leaders made Galatians 5:22-23 our mantra, then we will see breakthroughs like we’ve NEVER seen before in our community. This verse contains the vaccine that cures self righteousness, moral superiority, pride, and the blatant evil that plagues our nation.

#7 – I believe God has called Oasis Church to CHANGE our community…not complain about it!!!  We are an empowered people and He has called us to reach out and care for our community. We can make a difference one person, one meal delivered, one phone call, one encouraging Facebook comment, one genuine text message at a time, one outreach event, one smile at a time.