Im sorry y’all

My recent string of blog posts might be confusing, let me clarify. I’m not writing this to teach you anything or to motivate you in some way. In fact, you probably won’t learn anything except how inept and unqualified I am as a leader/pastor. My intention with these posts is to present an honest, and sometimes humorous memoir of my personal weaknesses as a pastor.

If you read these stories expecting me to be the hero, you will be let down. I do hope you’ll start to see redemption in these posts as I continue the story. But right now I’m in the ugly parts. I had a friend once tell me that “authenticity makes people feel uncomfortable,” and I guess that is true. I also believe authenticity is relatable and builds trust. I have set out to write some painfully authentic memoirs of my time in ministry and my personal growth as a pastor/leader. I’m putting it out in small bite size chunks because i know you won’t read 20,000 words in one sitting.

Thank you for believing the best in me while I unveil the worst in me.