The system is broken because people are broken. We can come to the table and agree on a broken system, but can we come to the table and agree on a broken humanity?

I’m sitting in the safe bubble of my social identity, finding refuge in people who are just like me, pointing fingers at other “groups” and condemning them for their sin. But Jesus didn’t bring us to the table to point fingers at the world and blame everyone else for societies issues. Jesus brought us to the table to look within, confess our own sin, and seek righteousness for ourselves through Christ. The salvation of the world is not in a new economic system, social program, or community effort but rather, in Christ alone. When the humans within the system can learn to see their own flaws and wrestle with our own sin, that’s when we will see a radical transformation of our society.

Step 1: Look inward, not outward

Step 2: Confess that you are just as broken as the people you are pointing fingers at

Step 3: Ask God to make you whole by forgiving sin, and empowering you to live righteously.

Step 4: Spend the rest of your life working out your own salvation and leading your family to do the same