Dear Young Men,

I see you posting stuff online like “I’m bored af” or “I have nothing to do” or some other whiney, complaints like  “nobody ever wants to do anything with me” etc. It blows my mind seeing you up at 2am talking about being bored. Brush your teeth and go to bed! Wake up at 6am and hit the gym. Get a job. Do something right now that your future self will be thankful for.

Even if you are unemployed, your body and your mind don’t have to be unemployed, too. In fact, they’re not meant to be! You need mental occupation.

You weren’t built for boredom.

When you are bored, your mind starts playing tricks on you and the enemy of your life shows up, baiting you with unhealthy activity. When boredom dominates your life, it leads you to over eating, over consumption of substances, spiritual apathy, and sometimes just pure laziness. 

Boredom never makes you better.   

It’s actually similar to stress, anxiety, and worry – because it leaves you thirsty & looking for a way out. And the way out you find isn’t always the healthiest.

The Unhealthy Ways Young Men Escape Boredom:

  • Watching or masturbating to porn
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Endlessly scrolling on social media
  • Playing Video Games Incessantly
  • Binging Netflix
  • Jumping head first into tiktok or instagram thirst traps
  • Sitting half-naked on a bean bag eating Cheetos

The problem with boredom is it reduces your will-power as a young man. It prevents you from getting important things done. It hinders your ability to be fully present with your friends and loved ones. 

When you were growing up, your mom was probably always looking for something to keep you entertained so she could do important stuff. So she handed you an IPAD, let you hold her phone, left you at home alone, dropped you at a friends house. She really just wanted you out of her hair so she could be productive. Everywhere your family went, they were looking for something to entertain you. As a kid you got coloring books at restaurants. When you took road trips in elementary School, mom and dad let you watch movies in the back seat. When you went to church in middle school and high school, the constant question was “what does this church have for my kid.”

Well, here’s the deal. You’re not a kid anymore. There is nothing FOR you. You are no longer the one everyone is trying to entertain. Now, instead of finding something for you to keep you occupied, everyone is waiting on you to wake up FOR something…for a reason…for a purpose. 

The goal of early adulthood isn’t finding something for you to do. It’s the other way around. Now you have to do something for ____.

For what? Well, what are you FOR?

What’s your purpose? Why do you exist? What’s your calling? What are you working on that is big? What are you doing today that is gonna matter in a year? 10 years?

Get a vision for your life, find something worth living for, get out there and make some money. Stop bumming $20 for gas every week so you can go buy e cig refills.

The way to a life full of purpose, passion, & power is not learning to cope with boredom. It’s choosing to wake up, not physically but in every other way. Wake up spiritually. Wake up to a the new world of full time responsibility. If you don’t wake up, you’ll be the same guy at 25 as you are at 20. Bored af.

Your family wants all of you. You future wants all you. Your purpose is calling. 

Go get some!