There is a longing inside of you that is begging to be groomed. Adventure, joy, and triumph are calling your name.  The desire for conquest & adventure is buried deep inside your heart; like a seed in soil. Its’ roots have probed their way into the fabric of your soul. If you search for it, I believe you will find it. Adventure. Calling. A cause-worthy life. Something worth dying for; or a life worth living.

Most of us have this seed planted within us, but we have neglected it. Good seed is useless in bad soil. We have opted for time killing hobbies and life wasting jobs. We might watch some TED talks or go to church. We might do something on occasion that has meaning. But for most of us, we feed the seed of our true life-purpose just barely enough to prevent starvation. If we do not feed the seed enough to produce fruit, we deprive ourselves of the nutrients necessary for growth. We are all left with a choice: feed the seed within us, or abort a highly fruitful future.