To the mom, dad, or foster parent who needs grace…

Rarely does anyone ever say “thank you” but you’re sill always putting others before yourself. Do you ever wonder if you’re making any kind of difference…if what you do every day really matters? I PROMISE you all these little things you are doing over and over again that nobody seems to notice are SIGNIFICANT. Stop questioning your abilities – stop second guessing your worth, or your value. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

You live under an umbrella called grace. This means, every day, Jesus is covering you with His love, mercy and grace. There is safety and security under this umbrella to walk with confidence, to take steps that you may not take otherwise, and to trust that this present struggle is only momentary in the grand scheme of things. 

Jesus knows every effort you’re making to be the best you can be, and He’s proud of you. He knows every night you haven’t slept because you’re rocking a baby to sleep, or consoling a child, or trying to talk some sense into a teenager…and He sees you.

Mom, Jesus knows every day you’ve skipped washing your own hair because you’re too busy caring for others, and He thinks you are beautiful.

Dad, Jesus knows every sacrifice you’ve made to give your kids the very best, and He is proud of you.

Foster Parents, Jesus knows every scraped elbow you’ve bandaged, every boxed lunch you’ve made, and every lullaby you’ve sung to children who need you in this moment, in this season, for this time. You are a living picture of the gospel.

Stay under the umbrella. Every day that you don’t measure up, when you feel inadequate, you have to remember He’s right there with you, and he’s holding the umbrella of grace that covers every step. Ask Him what to do next and trust that it’s all going to be alright. It’s interesting how becoming a parent makes you realize just how much God loves us. 

Having a baby is a constant reminder of how needy you are without Jesus. The way the wild imagination of a toddler brings you joy is the same kind of way God smiles when we try new things and enjoy our lives. A whining complaining teenager is a reminder that we have probably sounded like that to God in our prayers before. The way you sacrifice as a parent is a small reflection of how Jesus sacrifices for us…

So keep walking under that umbrella. And keep holding that same umbrella for your kids, too. You matter.