Following up on yesterdays post…

Yesterday I started writing about discouragement. Near the end of that post, I wrote an entire list of the “types of people” who make me want to jump off a bridge… 

  • The person who thinks it is their gifting to point out every problem when an idea is discussed.
  • The person who is always having a bad day…and feels like you should know about it.
  • The person who is an endless pit for affirmation, and literally never feels like you complimented them enough.
  • The person who supports you publicly but bashes you privately.
  • The person who is always taking shots at you and then, when confronted, claims they were only kidding.
  • The person who only cares about how a decision impacts them personally, not the organization as a whole.

Ironically, as I was writing about “those people” I realized I AM those people. Every single one of those characteristics, at times, apply to me. How can I honestly say “surround yourself with encouraging people” if I myself am just as discouraging as the people on my list? How many times have I been the endless pit for affirmation, or the one who publicly puts on a fake face but privately bashes someone? Too often!!!

So, that brings me to the 3rd way to battle discouragement…

#1 – Stop Comparing yourself to others.

#2 – Surround yourself with encouraging people.

#3 – Become The Most Encouraging Person You Know

During the times when I am most discouraged, it helps me to dig deep and find ways to encourage other people…when I’m intentionally encouraging others, somehow I also am encouraged. 

I guess this is what Jesus meant when he said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” That wasn’t just about money…

When we look beyond ourselves and focus on others (even if we are wrestling through our own issues) we create an encouraging atmosphere because we are the ones who actually stepped up and led the way.

I’ll keep adding to this list, because there is so much more to write about this…