Hey Church!! 

Happy Friday! Here are a thousand thoughts, or as I usually call it, a brain dump! 😉

-My wife and I are celebrating her 29th birthday today, pray for us because I keep getting older while she stays the same age. 

-I’m preaching LIVE this Sunday! I’ve been prerecording everything this summer, but this Sunday I’m changing it up a bit. I’m gonna keep trying different stuff and see what sticks. 

-Next month, August 2, we start a new series entitled “REBOUND,” it’s all about how to bounce back and move forward. Specifically, how will Oasis rebound from COVID? What kind of church do I see us becoming? Please join me for all six weeks of this series, it’ll be helpful for you because you’ll learn what to expect in the coming months, and I’ll be casting a clear vision for how your family can continue growing spiritually during this uncertain time.

-I’ve been working on a book! Well, 2 actually. One is over halfway finished and I’ve been posting bits and pieces of it on my blog. The working title is “the naked pastor” and I hope to simply just share some honest (and sometimes uncomfortable) memoirs from the past 6 or 7 years as a church planter / lead pastor. 

-Get to know FULLER! Our worship director and I sat down for about 30 minutes and had a conversation about his work with worshiptutorials.com, supporting and equipping thousands of worship leaders around the country, including his music on the Kardashians, & how he’s gonna be Kanye’s personal musician after he wins the presidency. Plus we talk about some really important stuff like calling, life transitions & change, & how awesome the Oasis worship team is!! 

-This past week was “TEAM WEEK” for the staff. We spent the week praying and preparing for this next season of Oasis. I believe we have a really great plan and YOU can play a huge role in the next season of the church. I’ll be sharing a lot of what we discussed during the upcoming series, “Rebound.”

-I hate wearing masks…mainly because I don’t like smelling my own breath! God bless any of you who’ve ever had to put up with that. If someone ever falls out while I’m praying for them, I’ll know why! 

-If you’re anything like our family, then you are constantly trying to find wholesome movies and TV that isn’t cheesy. I cannot recommend the TV series “The Chosen” enough. It is truly REMARKABLE and by far the BEST Jesus depiction I’ve ever seen. I promise it’s not cheesy, and you’ll enjoy this perspective on the life of Jesus and his disciples. You can watch it free on “The Chosen” app or our family watched it on the VidAngel app. Let me know what you think!

-By the way, did I mention how much I LOVE the new Ford Bronco (the 2 door)? It is a work of art!!!

-QUESTIONS for you: what “good” has come from the past few months? Any good news within with your family? Has Oasis been encouraging to you? If yes, how? If not, why? In your opinion, how can we be responding better and caring for people during these uncertain times? 

-Love you all! Praying Romans 14 over our entire church this next month!


Bill Rose