Wherever there are labels and divisions, we tear them down.

Wherever there are outsiders, we build bridges.

Black folks in a white dominant society?
People who are gender confused?
Muslim women?
People whose first language isn’t english?
Individuals on the autism spectrum?
Kids like me who grew up in the foster system?

All of you, ANY OF YOU IN CHRIST, have been made an INSIDER.

You are fully welcomed, fully loved, no ifs, ands, buts.

Maybe you are the black sheep in your family.
Maybe you are overlooked at work.
Maybe you have labeled yourself as an outsider because of something you’ve done.

You have been the beloved child of a loving family ALL THIS TIME.

God sees you, the FULL YOU, and he loves you.

I once felt like an outsider, but then I encountered JESUS and He changed everything.

Coolest part about grace? Grace bridges the gap. It gives Christ the power to include you BEFORE you conform to a religion, lifestyle or behavior.


Pray with me: “Jesus, I know I’m not perfect & your word says I’m a sinner. I’m grateful that you paid the cost of my sin, and you have accepted me into your family. I confess with y’all mouth & believe in my heart that God raised you from death, so that i might have new life. Please empower & enable me to walk in your ways & live as an extension of your grace & mercy in this world.”

**if you prayed, let me know in the comments!