8 10, 2021

A Letter To Young Men

2021-10-08T09:46:53-04:00October 8, 2021|

Dear Young Men, I see you posting stuff online like “I’m bored af” or “I have nothing to do” or some other whiney, complaints like  “nobody ever wants to do anything with me” etc. It blows my mind seeing you up at 2am talking about being bored. Brush your teeth and go to bed! Wake up at 6am and hit the gym. Get a [...]

7 10, 2021

This Sunday…

2021-10-07T14:24:08-04:00October 7, 2021|

OK…I am PUMPED about week 3 of our teaching series entitled “Doubting.” This Sunday is going to be special. IF you missed weeks 1 & 2, you can watch here. As far as this Sunday is concerned, we are going to change things up just a little.  Remember when you were growing up, and you used to have those really weird eating habits? You [...]

5 10, 2021

F3 & Me.

2021-10-05T13:07:04-04:00October 5, 2021|

I recently joined a community of men who are known by the title “F3.” It’s a really unique and powerful organization that supports men in the areas of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  At first I thought it was a slightly cheesy old guys club with all the nicknames and Dad jokes you could handle. But after a few months, I’ve really come to enjoy [...]

4 10, 2021

Good > Great

2021-10-04T19:41:30-04:00October 4, 2021|

“...the main problem is, it seems like everyone wants to be great, but nobody wants to be good.” I couldn’t believe I said that out loud as I sat there among 4 or 5 other pastors talking about how to become great leaders. But I went on…. "There was a day when I was obsessed with becoming great. I watched all the great leaders [...]

30 09, 2021

I’m Average And Okay With It

2021-09-30T11:34:37-04:00September 30, 2021|

You’re not that special. Your whole life you’ve been pampered, bragged about, helmeted, and bubble-wrapped. When you were growing up, the entire focus of everyone around you was building your self-confidence. Even if you had a hard life or bad parents, you still had school teachers and church leaders and possibly aunts and uncles who tried everything imaginable to convince you to believe in [...]

10 09, 2021

Emotionally Healthy Leader

2021-09-10T08:01:27-04:00September 10, 2021|

I was angry, exhausted, and scared. It was the year 2020 during the dog days of summer.  We were a few months into this online-only church thing and we were all feeling like fish out of water. Racial tensions were high, there was literal pandemonium over a virus that was sweeping the nation, and with all the bad news headlines, it seemed like nobody [...]

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