Today’s #thirstythirty #verseoftheday is Colossians 3:1, and it says “if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” We’re about a month away from Easter, and on that day we’re gonna all sing and shout and probably use the word “risen” as we celebrate the amazing reality that God raised Jesus from the dead.
And here’s a thought that kind of comes out of this verse. Resurrection is not a once a year happy moment, but it’s a living reality in your life.

I’m always deeply moved when I see baptisms at Oasis because of the meaning behind it. We’re dying with Christ in a death like his, and then we’re raised to new life with him. So we get a new kind of life. And it’s that new kind of life that sounds really good to me because my old kind of life, the one I used to live, didn’t really work out.

Those new kinds of life promises, resurrection promises remind me that Jesus is working in me and through me and with me, and not just me as a lone individual, but as a member of his church.

So sometimes Christians say things like, “if Jesus were alive today…,” I know that what they mean is, “if Jesus were walking around and talking as he once did in Galilee…”

But the truth is he IS alive and his risen. His newness within us is even more amazing than his earthly life. The risen life means that in life and death and a life beyond death, we’re not alone.

Jesus is with us. He’s risen. So are we, we are living that “risen life.”

Question of the day: Easter is coming, I’m just curious to hear from you, where are you planning the worship, this Easter?
(Oasis is hosting two in-person Easter services on Good Friday night. And then on Easter Sunday morning, we’re going to have an online service as well.)