Whether you are employed or not, I hope that you have some work to do today.
You have chores, you have things that you need to accomplish whether it’s around your house, or taking care of your dishes, or cleaning your car. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you have a major responsibility today!
If you’re working outside the home today you probably have some things that are on your list, stuff you’ve got to knock off to accomplish.

Your job is probably hard. Likely you have challenging days and some days you wake up and you just don’t want to go to work. And other days you wake up and you’re just pumped to go.
You know, some of the best advice I got when I was younger was “no matter what you make, work as if you’re a six-figure salaried employee.”
This mindset was a huge shift, but I learned not to let my income dictate my work ethic.
This verse is another mindset shift.
When you think of it like…” my boss isn’t a person, but I’m working for God.” It totally changes the way that you show up.
You show up on time when God’s your boss. You are prepared when God’s your boss,
You show up dressed your best when God’s the boss.
You’re not fooling around.
And if you think of it that way every day, whatever your responsibilities are, whatever is in front of you…work as if you’re working for the Lord.
Work willingly, heartily. But do it for God, not for others. And it’ll prevent you from comparing yourself to other people all the time, it prevents you from being concerned about what other people think about you because you have God to affirm you.
And so today I want to encourage you to go to work as if you’re going to work for the Lord and see how it changes your mindset.
Question of the day:
How does this verse shift your mindset? How does it change the way that you approach work? I’m looking forward to reading your comments and talking in the chat.