Introduce my Family
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Our Story
Jennifer and I met when we were teenagers
Then we went our own ways in our twenties
We both got married and got divorced
Jennifer raised Aubrey by herself – there was no co-parenting
When we started seeing other again it was INSTANT Family.
Aubrey made me a Dad.
Elijah made me tired.
Levi made me get a vasectomy. LOL

Every time the New Testament gives instruction on children and parenting, it always gives instructions right after instructions for
the marriage
The best thing you can ever do for your children is love your
spouse well.
I know some of you, like Jennifer and I, aren’t living in the ideal
So, let me tell you, the Bible gives us a picture of what’s ideal.
But wherever the IDEAL is not realized, the grace of God
And PS – I’ve said this before, part of the design of marriage isn’t
to make you happy but it’s to make you holy.

What this means is, marriage reveals your inconsistencies, it reveals your sin, it reveals you need for a savior. You’ll never see
how imperfect you are until you start sharing a bed and sink. If marriage reveals our need for the gospel, then what do you
think kids do? They reveal your need for Xanax.
JK – it’s compounded!

Parenting reveals your need for the gospel.
In Parenting – you didn’t know you could love like this!
And in parenting – you didn’t know how dark your soul really
could get! LOL

‘ Discipline your child, for there is hope, but do not set your heart
on causing his death.’
Proverbs 19:18

You can tell a recovering parent wrote that…
Every story is different, and every stage is different, but the one constant thing is I’m always aware of my need for grace. And I’m
always aware of my kids need for grace.
You don’t need 5 tips for better marriages and parenting.
You need to understand the gospel and how it applies to your life. The gospel isn’t just for unsaved people, its for saved
The gospel transforms us into people who are marked by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self


And those things can lead to healthy marriage and family.

“Children, obey your parents in everything, for this is pleasing in
the Lord. Fathers, do not provoke your children, so they will not
become disheartened.”
Colossians 3:20-21

This is how I imagine Paul writing this:
He’s got a scribe
He’s writing this deep, theological revelation of who Jesus is, and the scribe says, “we need something for the kids”
Kids…obey your parents

Actually the fact that he addresses the kids is HUGE. It’s like, kids you got something in the mail, from apostle Paul!

Why didn’t Paul just address the parents? Because the
gospel is for children, too.

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The Bible on their level
Jesus meets them where they are
Old but timeless & timely for every generation across cultures &
spanning social status

Every generation has a new fangled psychologist who writes a
parenting book and the people flock to it
Let me encourage you, this book is filled with wisdom for
parents, especially the book of proverbs

In Roman culture, dads were dominant

Our culture, kids dominate

What is a child? Anyone who still lives at home, rent free, with

Kids are a blessing (Psalm 127:3) and a burden. But it’s a burden
you are prepared for.

Obey vs honor

Kids don’t do this naturally, we have to teach them

Sometimes in our attempt to convince kids to obey, we teach
them to disobey

-reverse psychology

Your parents –
Children don’t have to obey all adults, just your parents + those
who your parents give that authority to.
This also means mom + dad
It’s not singular, it’s plural
Parents need to be on the same page, kids will attempt to drive a
wedge between you
If one parent is always silly & the other parent is always serious,
or soft vs strict, what happens?
Kid wants Ice cream, runs to the soft
Kids wants to tattle on sibling, runs to strict parent

In Everything –
Kids will obey well in some areas and not well on other areas,
and we are tempted to say “well they did good here so we’ll let it
slide there”
Kids who disobey anything will eventually disobey in everything
do not provoke –
NIV translates “exasperate”

disheartened. –
Ultimately, Dad, this is your responsibility. Take Ownership of
the family. Exercise the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Aubrey riding by church building
“It looks the same as it did yesterday”
Our kids don’t look the same as they did yesterday. They’re
changing so much and so rapidly.
1. Kids are our responsibility

2. The purpose of a parent is not to raise good kids, but it’s to
raise Godly kids.
We want them to know the gospel.
The other day I pulled Aubrey aside and told her that she doesn’t
have to keep doing all these good things to earn points with us,
we love her already.
3. I asked the staff…
We protect –
We prepare –
We send –