The #verseoftheday is 1 Peter4:10, and it says “just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of the varied, grace of God.” And I want to emphasize that phrase. “VARIED grace of God.”

You know, if you had a whole bunch of money, you might sit down with a financial advisor. And they would help you distribute your money into VARIOUS investments. It’s called a diversified investment strategy. You might want to diversify your investments, meaning, you’re not gonna put all your stock into one account. You’re not going to put all of your money in one place.

You’re going to put various amounts in various accounts, right? And this is how God distributes his gifts into his people. He puts various amounts of gifting into various people with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences and perspectives, because this is how he beautifies…or magnifies the people of God, which ultimately magnifies and beautifies himself.

How has God uniquely gifted you, specifically for this time, for this season, for the situation God has you in? He has divinely ordained relationships and situations in your life, and he’s given you a specific gift for this season and for this time.

Here’s a personal question and you don’t need to answer publicly, is your gift being leveraged in a way that would make God proud? You know, as an investor, you might put your money in an account and if that account is not doing well, you might take your money back out of that account. Well, I’m not saying that God’s going to take his money back out, he’s not going to take his gifting away from you, BUT I would ask you to seriously consider is God proud of how I’m using his gift? Does he feel like I’m a good investment, or not?

I hope this question doesn’t promote some kind of negative self talk, but rather, I hope it prompts you to take responsibility and steward the gifting that God has given you.

He gifted you so that you can build up other people, edify the church and glorify God. I hope that’s what you want to do with your gifting.