Today’s verse of the day is deep and it’s challenging. So you’re going to have to hang with me for the next two minutes or so. It says this in James chapter 1, verse 2. “…my brothers and sisters, consider it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials”

Is that not completely outrageous? It’s probably the most unbelieved scripture in the whole Bible.

Who does that?

In order to grow, you have to go through difficulty. Pain always leads to progress and it doesn’t matter what kind of pain it is.

And some of you reading today, you’ve been through some deep, intense levels of pain. And I truly believe that God brings pain. He allows pain. And, whatever your theological perspective is on it, it’s here for a purpose and it’s to stretch you, to break you down so that ultimately you can be built back up and prepared for what’s ahead.

Pain always leads to progress. So when you’re going through pain, smile real big and consider it joy.

You might not be happy in the moment, but you can be full of joy. Joy comes from within. It comes from the Christ that’s inside of you. Happiness comes from without. It’s about circumstances and situations.

Happiness is really dependent on the gifts in your life, but joy is dependent on knowing the giver of gifts. And so, you know the giver of all gifts. And you can have joy today, no matter what you’re up against.