Today’s verse of the day is familiar. You’ve probably heard it before, it’s…

Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God. “

I think we hear that verse and sometimes we contextualize it to our living room recliner…like we’re supposed to sit down and not do anything for a little bit and recognize God…

In reality, when you read it in context, it is so much deeper and more profound than that. So when you read the whole chapter of Psalm 46, you’ll see that the writer is actually writing a song about how God is our helper in times of trouble. And he goes on and list out all these different things that are happening all around him.

He writes about devastating earthquakes, and it sounds like tsunamis with waves crashing into the land. The earth is dissolving, nations are fighting and in uproar. The people of God are being attacked. And the writer of the song is writing a very reassuring, hopeful song that essentially says in the middle of all this chaos, I cling to God because he’s my help in a time of need.

And then he gets to this verse in verse 10, and God sorta “takes over” and steps in and has something to say.

It’s almost like, if you were at a graduation ceremony and the speaker got up and started to speak, And then one of the people sitting behind the speaker decided to stand up and take over the podium. God’s like, “you step aside for a second I need to talk.”

And God says, “ Stop. Be Still. Recognize that I’m God.” It’s almost like God is saying, give up your fighting, stop working so hard to impress everybody or to impress me. Surrender to me. Say uncle. Tap out. That’s ultimately what you’re going to have to do anyway, so just stop wrestling and submit.

You’ve heard the old phrase, “let go and let God,” well this verse is kind of like that times 10.

And so I hope that’s what you’ll do today. Considering the verse of the day, be still, stop striving, and recognize that he’s God.