Hosea 6:6 says, “I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings.”

This is God saying to his people through the story of Hosea. “I love you, and I want a relationship with you.”

I don’t want you to behave as much as I want you to be with me. I don’t want you behaving more than I want you “becoming”. I care about our relationship more than I care about rules.

I’ve often heard it said that Jesus loved people more than principles and you and I should love people more than principles because God loves people more than principles.

Yes, the principles are important, right? The rules are important. But they’re completely pointless apart from a relationship. And so God is saying to you today that he wants to know you intimately, like your kind acts of giving, your act of serving, showing up to church early and helping set things up…

Your tithing, your good deeds, all that stuff is pointless if you don’t do the first thing, which is getting in your prayer closet and spending time with the Lord.

(That’s what these daily devotions are really all about. I want to help you get in the word and, and pursue Jesus because apart from Christ, we can do nothing.)

And so I hope that you’ll take Hosea’s words seriously. And I also hope that you’ll maybe take some time and go read the whole book of Hosea. It’s not terribly long, its about a guy who marries a prostitute and God teaches him thats what it’s like to love Israel. Israel is always wandering, always unfaithful, always sidestepping the love of God, yet God still loves, he still pursues and he still cares, but it breaks his heart every time we wander.

Ultimately, God wants a relationship with you more than he wants you to follow some rules.