The verse of the day is Philippians 2:3 “don’t be selfish. Don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.”

That is the complete opposite of every message we hear from our culture. Our culture is like, “don’t be humble, be proud.” And don’t think that they’re better than you. You’re good. You’re awesome. You’re the best! Go get ’em!

This kind of a verse just completely transforms my heart. It helps me to see that unselfishness is a virtue, NOT selfishness. Humility is a virtue, NOT pride.

It’s not thinking less of myself, it’s just thinking of others more than I think of myself. It’s not that I’m a bad person or I’m body negative or something like that. It’s just acknowledging that I should think of others more. I should consider others. And in humility, I should serve them.

This is the way the kingdom of God operates. And I hope that you’ll operate like that. Just give it a shot today. Just decide today, “I’m releasing pride. I’m gonna let go of selfishness and I’m just gonna live today with the lens of what can I do for others? How can I serve others? How can I see others as being more or better than myself?”

This is what Jesus did, the Bible says he cast off his godliness and he took on the form of a servant or a slave. And this is what we should strive to do every day. This is how we roll in the kingdom of God.