“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”
‭‭John‬ ‭10:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

As a preacher, It’s easy to read a passage like this & then immediately begin to break down the characteristics of sheep. But for today, let’s consider one characteristic of the shepherd.

Jesus’ heart is moved with compassion for you. 

Throughout the Old Testament, Ezekiel 34:10, Jeremiah 10:21, Zechariah 10:3, 
God never became angry at sheep, he became angry at shepherds who were supposed to care for the sheep.

God becomes frustrated with priests, zealots, and other spiritual leaders…but never the sheep.

Jesus is the chief shepherd.
I’m an under-shepherd. (Or maybe I’m more like a sheep dog 🐕 ) This means, I am right in the cross-heirs of Gods compassion for people who are suffering.

I sat in a hospital with a lady who has Lukemia…

I prayed with someone the other day who is on the brink of divorce.

I had a meeting with a lady recently who is on the other side of divorce and starting to date men again, she’s plagued with fear, confusion, uncertainty.

I’ve spoken with young people who are dealing with identity issues, trying to figure who they are in Christ.

I have talked to numerous men & women who are wrestling with depression & suicide.

I’ve prayed with ladies who have been raped and they still have that icky, unclean feeling from being sinned against. They still don’t trust. Still haven’t healed.

I’ve been the first person to arrive after tragedy has struck, I’ve been there when shock sets in, I’ve been there when there were no words, only silence, grief, & pain.

I took a long walk with a guy who wants to be free from a porn addiction, he & his wife both know it’s a problem, but he can’t shake it.

I feel the weight of it as a pastor. I pray for you. I care for you. I’ve wept just thinking about some of the pain that people are dealing with. But there is no way I could ever come close to having the same compassion as Jesus.