When you sit down with a friend, you are totally comfortable with him. You don’t have to prove yourself to you friends.
You can just rest because you’re already accepted.

You can have dinner with a friend and you do not have to hope for acceptance or love, because they’re already your friend!
You can enjoy some coffee with no pressure, & talk about whatever comes up, it’s great! Friendship is awesome because you already accept one another, now your time together can be focused on growing in your relationship with each other.

The #verseoftheday is Revelation 3:20,
“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”
God is pursuing us.
We don’t have to go find him, because he came to find us!

God is already our friend!
He’s knocking at the door.
He’s already accepted you, will you accept him?

All the way back into Old Testament times we have a picture of God as a shepherd who is searching for those whom he cares for, even in bad weather. Even in tough times. Even when we have turned to go the opposite direction.

We are not shut out from the kingdom of heaven.

God pursues,
God finds,
God knocks.

All we have to do is open the door & invite Him in.