How would you respond if I sat down with you over coffee and said, “in 30 minutes, a friend of mine will arrive at this table, and I’d like you to share your faith with her. I arranged this meeting so that she can be inspired by your faith.”

What thoughts or emotions come up in this scenario?
Would you enjoy sharing your faith with another person? Or does it feel super awkward or maybe a little bit scary?

For those who are honest, “evangelizing” probably doesn’t feel like the easiest thing to do. It comes off a little weird sometimes & “someone” will probably stop liking you if you spread your faith a lot.

The #verseoftheday tells us we should always be ready for something like this. Truthfully, we never know when someone we know will need us to lead them spiritually. This is why we should always be ready for an occasion like this.

“If someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it”
-1 Peter 3:15

Notice, it doesn’t say “When sharing your faith with others, make sure you know all the right answers from the Bible.”

Just focus on what you do know and your own experiences with God. When someone is interested in God, then they’re also gonna be interested in your experience with God. You don’t have to have answers. Just be you.

Explain how knowing Him has made a difference in your life. You’ll be blessed to know that people usually respond well when you sincerely share your faith with love.

Question of the Day: what other obstacles prevent you from sharing your faith?