Slow down.

Your twenties are foundational for the rest of your life. Slow down and focus on your foundation. Identity, character development, spiritual formation, ethics and healthy habits are so important right now.

Seems like you want to have everything your parents have in their 50s…now.

You want to be married. You want a house. You want it fully furnished. You want children. You want the perfect 9-5 job with salary & benefits. You want to go on expensive trips and eat at expensive restaurants. You want it

So you’ll jump into a marriage, you will go into debt, you will have a baby, you will immerse yourself into your career…And then before you know it, it’ll seem like everything you were in such a hurry to build comes crashing down around you because you didn’t spend time on the foundation. You didn’t spend your twenties truly learning who you are, who God is, and how that impacts you as a person.

So my advice would be…SLOW DOWN!

Stop rushing everything. Don’t become one of us who are left rebuilding a life (and foundation) in our thirties. Take your time, establish WHO YOU ARE apart from wealth, relationships, and other material things. Build your foundation.

You’ll be glad you did it!