God is moving at Oasis. There is no other explanation for the things we are seeing happen. Every Sunday we are seeing new faces, families are returning, and people are deciding to make Oasis their “home”.  It is an amazing feeling to be a part of a growing church.

There are a number of reasons why a church grows. Many churches grow as a result of church hoppers (people who hop from one church to another bc they aren’t happy, fulfilled, etc). And that’s okay I guess. But, what excites me about the growth we are seeing is that a large percentage of people at Oasis didn’t regularly attend another church before landing here. We really are reaching people who are “unchurched.”

This has been our vision all along. We never set out to start a church for churched people. We wanted to start a church that would be focused on reaching the unchurched. And that’s exactly what is happening! 

As we move into this new season at Oasis, it is important to keep our heads in the game and stay focused on what’s most important to us. We need everyone on the same page, because God is NOT FINISHED at Oasis. He is just now getting started. 

And one more thought – This should be FUN. There is nothing more exciting than being part of a growing church. If you get to a point where this is not fun for you, then you need to make some changes. Maybe you need to serve in a different role, or you might need to quit something, OR perhaps you might need to start something new. I don’t know. But if this is not fun for you, tell your leaders & let’s get you into a spot where you can enjoy the ride. 

Let’s be people who laugh a lot. This journey is pointless without joy.