Good Grief


Jennifer and I were in tears as we discussed the reality of what happened on Wednesday. After looking at photos and videos, reading commentary, watching my friends react & argue online, and considering the implications of such an event in our Nation…I am tired. 


So are you. 


You are tired, frustrated, aggravated, and filled with emotions that you don’t even know how to describe. I see it all over you.


Which side will you choose? This is the question that everyone feels they need to answer. Take a side, choose a team, wear the jersey, wear it proud. Some have specifically asked me which side am I on. 


What jersey are you wearing, Bill?


Not yours. I’m not wearing your colors. I’m not carrying your flag. I’m not sleeping in your tent. I’m not putting your sign in my yard. I do not embrace your ideals.


I refuse to choose a side, and you will not lure me into your arms by telling me how corrupt the other side is. Your suspicions & mistrust of “those people” are not enough to convince me to embrace your ideology.


I do not have to choose a side.


I believe I can pursue racial reconciliation, while simultaneously standing up for the unborn. I believe I can listen to and love people of color, and stand for justice without being a “Marxist.” I believe I can vote Republican without being a “racist.“ I believe I can assign value and honor to the immigrant, treating them with dignity & respect, while also promoting safety & security at our borders. I believe I can love my neighbor really well while also preaching and promoting sexual morals. 


I do not have to be pro abortion to be pro woman. I do not have to be anti-capitalism in order to be an anti-racist. I do not have to choose a side or accept your label.


Currently, I am on the side of grief. Instead of reacting, blaming, raging, and adding fuel to the fire of a volatile nation, I will grieve. I will mourn. I will sit in sadness and process the reality of a nation going through divorce. I grieve as some of my friends and family have chosen to sacrifice one another at the altar of their political persuasion. I grieve as the entire world feeds into the idolatry of self. I grieve at my own sin & my own eroded morality.


This is good grief, though. It’s the kind of grief that transforms a heart & shapes a future. It’s a grief that requires reframing and reforming our perspective of the world. It’s a grief that makes us grateful for those closest to us & builds steadfastness for tomorrow. I need to grieve. You need to grieve. Our nation needs to grieve. We should grieve & ask God to renew our minds & reshape our hearts.