A few weeks ago I opened up about some of my own fears & insecurities in front of a group of pastors. I was originally supposed to be the one at the table with all the answers, but they quickly realized I only had questions 😂 After our time together I got a phone call from one of the more “successful” people in the room who shared about his challenges, insecurities and fears, too. (Reminder: your personal vulnerability is an open invitation for others to be vulnerable with you, too. When you do open up, you may be surprised by who actually shares your suffering).
Anyway, our conversation reminded me of 2 truths…
1) UNhealthy Churches Can Grow – just as cancer grows, covid spreads, & mushrooms sprout. People also die from those things. Just because it’s growing or spreading doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s dangerous to equate church growth with church health.
However, yes, I would also agree that healthy churches DO grow. There are seasons that healthy churches might struggle, but ultimately they will grow. This includes both numeric growth AND spiritual growth…a natural byproduct of church health is new people showing up, getting engaged, and participating in the community.
2) Healthy Churches have Healthy Leaders – our church will never grow beyond our capacity to lead it.
🔑As leaders, our spiritual, physical & emotional health is the key to effectively leading our church. A leader cannot take people somewhere that he/she has never been.
My challenge to you this fall:
  • Make Spiritual Health a Top Priority – Do not allow the busyness or pressures of the day to rob you of your time with God. (And not just your spiritual health but that of your family also…)
  • Embrace Your Limitations – You cannot do everything. You do not have all of the answers. Sometimes God will give the answer and other times he’ll put people around you who have the answer. As an old sales manager told me once, “you just have to keep smiling & dialing.” In other words, keep your head up and stay positive.
  • Have Fun – church ministry can rob you of joy if you allow it. After enough people come & go, the revolving door of the church can be overwhelming. Showing up first & leaving last is fun at first, but then it starts to feel like weight. It’s ok to make time to have fun, especially with people you minister with.
What else do you do to make sure you are a healthy leader?