Sometimes I look back at various seasons, situations or circumstances in my life where I’ve missed an opportunity, dropped the ball, or just completely flunked.
As a leader in a local church setting, it’s uncomfortable to talk about failure, but failure is part of this game. For most of you, church is just a small part of your leadership life. You lead at work, at school, some of you are teachers and others of you are business leaders, etc
Surely you’ve failed at something along the way?
Here are 5 Quick Thoughts about failure that are true in ANY context.
1 – If you are alive, then there is still hope.
2 – Sometimes the biggest breakthrough happens right after the biggest breakdown!
3 – Blaming other people or circumstances for the trouble in our lives (and accepting zero responsibility) is the foundation of failure.
4 – Our past failures do not have to be our future focus (in Christ…what we did is not who we are!)
5 – No matter how dark it seems God is able to do the “impossible” (remember the whole death and resurrection story?!)
We are better together. And I believe we will SUCCEED together as we engage in leadership community.