How I SEE the Bible matters.

If I see the Bible merely as a Weapon, then God becomes a military leader and all the Christians are just soldiers in his army. So I run to the Bible when I’m trying to prove a point or win an argument. Before I know it I’ll be using the Bible to attack people.

If I see the Bible merely as a Rule Book, then God becomes a Cop looking for rule-breakers, and I become an avoidant, escapist, prisoner, run away. So I live my life in hiding, afraid of the punishment coming my way.

If I see the Bible merely as a “road map” for my life, then God becomes a Mystical Wizard who appears when i need direction, and I become the center of the universe because the Bible is there to serve me on my journey. So I live how I want as long as I feel good about where I’m going.

If I see the Bible merely as a chore, then God becomes a task master with infinite demands, and I become his slave just trying to appease him. So I live limited, trading hard work for favors FROM God, instead of just living free because of the favor OF God.

But what if I can learn to SEE the Bible as the Story of God and His interaction with humanity? Then I see God as the author of life, and I become a character in His great story. I can live knowing that it’s not all about me, I’m just a small part of a greater story. And no matter what chapter of life I’m in, I can keep turning the pages because I know there is more written.

I’m still alive. God’s not finished writing the story. And there are more pages.