I don’t see it as a “job” or a burden, I see it as a privilege. Also, I don’t get it right all the time, and sometimes I absolutely blow it.Every year (usually in the beginning of each new year) I ask the people of Oasis for PERMISSION to be their pastor. I truly consider it an honor. And I believe that as I pray, get into Gods word, and trust the power of the Holy Spirit, God DOES work through my leadership to shape, influence, and shepherd the church, especially those who have decided in their heart to allow me to have that role in their life. I’m really grateful for the few people who have allowed me to be their “pastor”.

Of course, there are always a few who have an undecided heart about me, and that’s cool too. I still think it’s a privilege just to have an opportunity to win their trust and maybe speak into their life on occasion. BUT, there are others, who I have betrayed their trust in some way. I dropped the ball, I didn’t meet expectations, my pride, my immaturity, my SIN, created a relational barrier, and someone got hurt because I was wrong. I could sit with you and list names of people who I regret not leading well, or I could recount times where I was a jerk or even just complacent in what I knew my responsibilities were and it impacted someone in a negative way. But you’re not my therapist, so I won’t bore you with that list. LOL

Much of my time as a pastor has been a time of “growing up” for me. Please hear my heart in this, I’m 36 years old and STILL don’t always think very highly of myself. Self esteem has been “off and on” for most of my life. It comes and goes in different seasons.

But GOD esteem is different. I esteem God. I esteem His word. I esteem His presence. I also esteem the people God has surrounded me with to do the work of the ministry. He has put incredible folks on our team and he has injected Oasis with high capacity leaders who LOVE the Lord, His Word and His Church.

So, thank you for allowing me to pastor you. I know God is moving, even in SPITE of me sometimes.And thank you for trusting the team at Oasis. Our staff, church council, licensed ministers, and small group leaders are phenomenal. I couldn’t be more excited about the vision God has given us for the next 6 months at Oasis.