I WISH I was the same person that I present to you on stage, on Facebook, on Insta. But I’m not.

I am such a CONTRADICTION sometimes. 
My behavior often contradicts my values. 
My actions often contradict my beliefs, 
And my life contradicts my “position” in the church.

-I have a really hard heart toward people, 
-I am really judgmental of others. (Or I’m just really judgmental of people who are judgmental.)
-I look down on others. (Or I just look down on people who look down on others.)
-I take a hardened posture toward those who I consider “religious” or “legalistic.”
-I preach from a place of hurt, instead of preaching from a place of grace and wholeness.

Sometimes I make assumptions about people and their motives, instead of extending grace and assuming the best.

Sometimes I do the stuff that I tell people not to do from my platform. And sometimes I don’t do the stuff I tell people to do from my platform.

Sometimes I feel like a fake. A talking head. A liar.

Often, I feel like a flat-out hypocrite

But I still show up. I still preach. I still do what I’m called to do. Not because I’m perfect. Not because I’ve got it all together. But because I realize we are all on the same road. We all need one another’s support. We all need some direction. And we all need some help at times.


Your neighborhood hypocrite pastor.