Today I have the privilege of officiating a wedding & a funeral on the same day…and no, it’s not the same person 😆

I can remember a time in ministry when I thought, “I don’t want to do weddings or funerals, i don’t wanna visit hospitals, I don’t wanna…etc”I just wanted to preach. I wanted affirmation from crowds. I wanted to be seen & noticed. I wanted people to like me. Bad motives for ministry? Absolutely.

Unfortunately there are a lot of us ministers who got into it because we liked public speaking & the feeling of massive affirmation. But Jesus is transforming my heart. The longer I’ve been doing this the more I’ve grown to absolutely love days like today. Today I get to serve people, period. In the most exciting time & in the most devastating time of two families, I get to strap on a tie & carry Gods word, using it as a tool to encourage, to comfort, to celebrate, to share laughter & ultimately, to minister.

This kind of work is not about me. It’s about a bride & groom starting a new life together, it’s about a grandfather who is leaving a rich legacy to his family.In this weird year, God is teaching & training me to be Godly husband, Dad, & …to be a local minister.

I’m a local minister.

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