One of the things I love about our culture is that everyone is encouraged to come out of their closet. I like the fact that we are learning to celebrate one another even if we are different. And I also think it is fantastic that many are learning to have healthy conversations instead of pointing fingers of accusation or condemnation. This is happening across the board in a lot of different sectors of our society. There are many movements in America that I could point to which are GREAT examples of how our culture is encouraging people confess things and come out with stuff that they wouldn’t ordinarily make public.

It is for this reason that I feel comfortable coming out and proudly saying that I am a follower of Jesus. I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I would rather just keep my Christianity quiet because there are so many people with agendas who would like to force me into a closet. People are constantly bad mouthing the people of my faith. They accuse, label, criticize, and demean people like me all the time. 

But I know we live in a world that celebrates our differences. So here I am just being outspoken about my faith and openly proclaiming who I am and what I believe. 

I believe there is a God. Not a “higher power” but a God with a personality. He’s not a force, or a power, he’s a person. He’s not anatomically structured, but He has a personality and likens himself to that of a really good father. That’s why I refer to God as “He”.

I believe that it is natural for people, you and me, to rise up against God and take control of our own lives. We would rather have it “our way” than “His way”. We are repulsed by the idea of having a voice of authority in our life other than our own. So we fight against God’s desire to rule and reign in our lives. In essence, we want to be our own God. So we rebel. This is called sin. Essentially, when I am my own God, I am a “sinner.” 

I believe God still loves me even though I am rebellious. He, like a good father, wants me to come home. My good father stands at the door and waits for my arrival. He desires good things for me, and wants me to be under his authority, his provision, and his care. He is a good father who loves me. Heck, he loves me so much that he would be willing to take a bullet for me if he had to. He is such a good father, that he would rather suffer any day than for me to suffer. When he sees me in pain, or sick, or scared, he wants to embrace me. He wants to nurture and encourage me, and walk with me through my difficulty.

I believe that the only way to be in right relationship with my father is to let him be my father. I should let him be my everything. My provider, my nurturer, my authority. I should let him guide me, instruct me, and teach me. Why would I resist such acts of love?

My father may say things from time to time that I don’t necessarily agree with initially. But since he is a perfect father, I’m confident that he’s not trying to take something from me, but he actually wants something for me. And as I grow, I’ll learn to understand why he put rules and boundaries in my life. 

It is for these reasons that I put ALL of my hope in my father. I trust him even when I don’t understand. And I lean on him fully, daily, desperately.

I am not proud of myself, instead, I am proud of my father. And I’m thankful he accepts me as his son.

So today, I’m coming out. I love my father. He is my God. He took a bullet for me and suffered on my behalf so that I could have a good, healthy relationship with him. I will listen to him, seek to understand Him, and obey him the best I know how.

I hope you, my brothers and sisters, will come out with me.