How do you hear from God? By listening to the Holy Spirit.
When I was growing up, I played baseball. I remember there were times where I would be standing at first base, trying to figure out if my coach wants me to steal or does he want me to stay? I would always wait for my coach to give me the signal. And sometimes I would get lost in all his hand signals, (because I’m easily distracted) and I’d be wondering, “did he tell me to steal or not?”
I couldn’t tell. I was always just trying to decipher his signals. And sometimes whenever it comes to listening to God’s voice, we treat it like we’re trying to read his signals. Everything gets complicated and convoluted…
Maybe hearing God’s voice is less like trying to read your coach’s signals, and it’s MORE LIKE trying to read your spouse’s signals. And this is different, right? Because you know what your spouse is thinking before they even say it most of the time, especially if he/she’s upset about something and when you’re reading your spouse’s signals, Like, there’s just a knowing. There’s like an inner knowing that you know who they are, how they’re feeling, you know, how they usually respond in these moments and you know, what’s going on in their head. They don’t even need to give you a signal.
Why? Because, you know, your spouse, you’ve spent time together. You’ve maybe prayed together. You’ve been around each other. You’ve bonded. You just have a lot of time together under your belt. So you just sort of know each other. Well, this is how you hear from the Holy Spirit. It’s about having time together.
It’s just bonding. Worshipping. Spending time with God. And over time, you’ll begin to hear the voice of God. You won’t need to decipher and interpret and determine all the time what God might be saying, because as you spend time in God’s word and you spend time in worship and you spend time in prayer, it’s just sort of something you begin to pick up on innately and you just begin to know.