Hey Oasis! 
Wow, the summer has flown by, and here we are starting a new school year!  I have been praying regularly for all of our teachers as you navigate the changes in your world. I hope you know you are loved and supported by Oasis! I’ve also been praying for those of you with kids who are still figuring out the online thing or the hybrid options. These are some crazy times we are living in!
Speaking of school kids, can we CELEBRATE that fact that Oasis has donated a TON of school supplies for kids in our community. I’m so proud of how you all are stepping up to meet needs in our community!  
We’ve been in a series entitled, “Rebound” and it’s all about how Oasis is bouncing back and moving forward in 2020. We have discussed a lot of really important subjects including our vision to widen our influence as a church becoming a Multi-ethnic, and multi-generational people. The past few weeks have been really powerful and I’m looking forward to continuing THIS SUNDAY at 10am as we unpack what it means for Oasis to be “rooted in God’s word.” 
For those of you who want to continue to dig into the subjects I’ve presented the past few weeks, I encourage you to grab copies of the following books. These are books I’m currently reading and being inspired by:
1- The High Definition Leader: Building Multiethnic Churches in a Multiethnic World by Derwin Gray
2- Raising Kingdom Kids: Giving Your Child a Living Faith by Tony Evans
As I continue through the series I will continue to drop resources for you if you’d like. 

Also, here are a few more things I’m excited about!!!
-We are continuing to move forward on the Here For Good project, and I will be sharing some news with all of you very soon regarding building a “home” for Oasis! I’m excited about our possibilities!
-I’ve been studying the book of Romans in my personal time, and I thought it would be fun to adopt the themes of Romans and write letters to my church as if I were Paul writing in today’s culture. I jokingly named it “Rosemans” – LOL – So far I’ve written Rosemans 14, Rosemans 1, Rosemans 2, Rosemans 3, and Rosemans 4. You may enjoy reading those!
-Matt Lundy, Our kids pastor, is working with the team to create a super engaging, Sunday morning LIVESTREAM for kids that is personal, professional and powerful. Parents should be hearing from the team soon about At Home Ministry Kits, and other tools to engage your kids in a meaningful way! 
-I’m seeing people in our church showing more kindness and empathy with one another over political opinions. LOVE THAT! Way to go. Seriously. 
-The church is doing well financially, mainly because our core has continued to give faithfully and generously. THANK YOU for that! Because of you we are able to continue serving the community well, and continue to be a resource for those in need, while also pushing forward with the vision God has for Oasis.
-The other day I had the privilege to “marry” and “bury” someone in the same day. (not the same person) It was a reminder that even though Oasis isn’t “gathering” on Sundays, people still need ministry and still need encouragement. And that’s why we are here! 
-My wife is making chicken and rice for dinner tonight! (so this means I gotta wrap up this email soon)
-Aubrey & Elijah have captured my heart in a new way these past few months. Working from home has its challenges, but ultimately the blessings of being with Jennifer and our children have far outweighed the challenges. I’m so grateful to have this time with them!  
– Lastly, I’ve grown more spiritually in these past months than I ever have as an adult. I don’t know how to explain it, but I have a renewed sense of purpose in LIFE, a fresh perspective on MINISTRY and leadership, and a real desire to grow deeper in the things of God. 
-Well, one more thing, The STAFF of Oasis Church have continually amazed me with their creativity and commitment to serving the people who call our church “home.” I encourage you to connect with them via facebook and instagram if you haven’t already. They are sincerely dedicated to serving you and caring for people at Oasis.

Please reach out to us if there is any way our team can serve you or your family. You are loved and valued!

PS- I’m not currently on social media, and nobody reads my blog, so maybe you can share?