The other day I was telling someone I was looking forward to seeing them, as I typed I hesitated…

I paused with “looking forward” typed into my text thread. I asked myself the question, am I really? What does it even mean to look forward? Is this just something I say, or do I REALLY “look forward”?

Seems like I’ve been spending a lot of time looking backward. I’ve wasted a few hours a week looking the wrong way.

As I consider 2021, the team & church I lead, here’s how I’m looking forward…here’s how we will look forward organizationally…

We will not measure future results based on past performance.

Comparing what we have now to what we “used to have” is a discouraging trap from Satan.

Let’s build with what we have, but don’t lament over what was. That is wasted energy.

Let’s just say it like it is…

Oasis has taken a hit, but we will come back, and there is great potential that we will come back stronger than ever.

Our future depends on the combination of 1) the power and favor of God and 2) the intentionality of our leadership. 

We will continue to make decisions without the ability to see around the corner.

My dad describes it best, he said he feels like he’s “rebuilding an airplane while it’s still flying.”

Essentially, what we are gonna have to do is be flexible, agile & and be willing to pivot when we need to.

Our vision is our compass for true north.

Our operational decisions are short term and reasonable. 

This will minimize the potential consequences if we make a mistake. We can adjust and adapt quicker, make course corrections if necessary, and keep moving with minimal losses.

I’ll continue to take the lead for most things, but ultimately every decision we make should be preceded with PRAYER.

We will cultivate a healthy and productive team culture that solves problems.

We will stick together, believe the best, and remember where one person is weak, another is strong.

We’ve lost our gathering

We’ve lost some of our best volunteers

And we’ve lost momentum.

These are tough problems & there are no fast or easy solutions.

We won’t get stuck waiting for a perfect and certain decision; there isn’t one. But we will pray, listen to Jesus, & do what he says. 

thank you, Dan Reiland, for your advice!