I’m ready for this presidential election to be over, ASAP!  (can I get an amen?)  I think I already know who I am going to vote for (still considering Mickey Mouse) and I’m sure you have already made your decision as well.  But, sadly, we are gonna have to sit here ’til Christmas and watch ads and read Facebook posts telling us how terrible the other party is and we get the joy of watching our friends beat each other down while they fight over the moral high ground.

Most people don’t care what their pastor’s political opinion is (unless it’s different from theirs!) This is why I don’t broadcast my political opinions but instead I reserve that for personal conversations with folks who genuinely want to have a conversation instead of just trying to strike up an argument. 

While I don’t necessarily try to push a political perspective publicly, I WILL engage the conversation in an attempt to bring unity where there is division, to bring reconciliation where there is brokenness, and to bring perspective where there is confusion. I’ll also continue to make an attempt at pointing people to God and his word as their savior, not a politician. 

When I was praying in the Spirit this morning, the Lord put a question on my heart that I think you should consider as well. The question was, “are you filled with the Spirit?” My first answer was, “well of course, I am!” And then after I said that out loud, I could not stop thinking about this follow up question that has been echoing in my heart all morning.

“If you are filled with the Spirit, then why isn’t the Spirit being poured out, overflowing, from you?” I’m still wrestling with this question. It’s deeply challenging to me and is causing quite a stir in my soul. 

Being spirit filled is about walking in the Spirit every single day, learning more and more about his nature, his character, and undergoing a complete transformation of the heart where HIS values become our values and HIS ways to become our ways.  The Spirit literally overflows from us, and will significantly impact EVERY area of our lives…including our politics. 

The Holy Spirit of God deeply informs our worldview and radically transforms our personal life. And it’s impossible to set our experience with God aside or carve it out of our political conversations. 

With that said, let me be very clear about a few things in regards to Pastors, Christians and political opinions in light of Philippians 1:27…

  • I do not believe the main stage of a church should be used to publicly endorse a political candidate.  
  • Politicians are necessary as they lead our country, they are PEOPLE, and we are commanded by God in the Scriptures to pray for them 
  • If you and I are trashing and defaming ANY politician publicly…while claiming to be a Christian…and not praying for them privately, then we are a hypocrite.  
  • I really am convinced the if JESUS were truly known and followed that there would be less division in our country because people wouldn’t be placing their hope and their future in the hands of a political savior.
  • I also believe we wouldn’t have to wait for legislation because people would be living “above the law” instead of continuing to live as immorally and unGodly as the law allows.
  • I wish Christians would spend as much time considering and investigating the person of Jesus and the power of His Spirit as they do investigating riot rumors and murder charges. 
  • I wish we promoted the Hope and Salvation offered by Jesus on our social media accounts as much as we promote the “opportunities” of our political persuasion.  
  • I wish that we were KIND to one another. Jesus said the world will know that we are Christians by our LOVE, not by our protest signs and strong political affirmations.

Jesus won the hearts of people through conversation & compassion, not condemnation!!! And He was full of Grace and Mercy. He did less talking and more listening.

Nevertheless, He was clear about his intentions as he made strong statements about sin and salvation, evil and repentance, while also maintaining a humility of heart and a commitment to loving people. We can have staunch opinions about politics…but a spirit filled, citizen of heaven should reflect the heart of Jesus in their attitude towards others who do not think like them.

So, friends, get out there and vote, discuss your worldview with others, BUT…PLEASE continue doing it with kindness as we are called to represent Christ in EVERYTHING we do.
Much love to you!

“Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ.”   -Philippians 1:27

PS- I’m not currently on social media, and nobody reads my blog, so maybe you can share?