Hey lovely,
I’ll never forget how you made me feel
the night I first saw you. My heart stood still, you had me paralyzed. A few weeks later on a Sunday night, holding your hand just felt right. My heart was occupied.

I day dreamed on Monday about how much I love Sunday. I knew that was when I would see you again. We were just kids back then.

I’ll never forget that look in your eyes 
the night I first told you. You were caught off guard and I wasn’t ready, but my heart was set so I said it…
“I love you”
And I swore I was gonna marry you.

Do you remember the laugh you gave? And those words you saved? You weren’t being mean. Ha, what was I thinking? We were just fifteen, so I don’t blame you. Fast forward almost two decades. It’s a Sunday, and I’m driving 58 miles just to see you smile. I’ll do it all over again ‘cause you’re worth it.

We’re face to face again, and I’m gonna make you my girl. So take my hand & hold onto my heart. You’re the center of my world. We’ve got some catching up to do. I can see you now, looking back at me. And I can feel you now, grabbing onto me, if you know what I mean? But I can’t see why God would bless me with a woman so perfect for me. I can’t feel my legs or my feet because of the way my heart beats
when I’m with you.

I truly love you…
more than Sunday.
more than every day.