The verse of the day, today, is Philippians 1:9. It says “it is my prayer, that your love may abound more and more with knowledge and all insight.”
Knowledge and Insight.
In the book of Philippians, Paul mentions love several times. It’s no secret that the Philippian church was known as a loving church.
They kind of remind me of Oasis church, my home church. And so this love that he’s talking about is not just a feeling of affection. It’s an active, “lived out” love. It’s a love with symptoms. And he’s essentially saying to the Philippian church, I know that you are a loving church.
I see that…but I want you to GROW in your love.
Specifically, I want you to grow in your knowledge and in your insight because love grows as those two things grow.
Paul is not just concerned about love, although it’s important, he’s specifically praying for their knowledge and their insight to grow because he knows that as those two things grow, so does love.
So why is this important? Well, love requires both knowledge and insight to grow. It requires the head and the heart.
Knowledge: we grow in the knowledge of love when we learn more about God’s love, how he loves us, and maybe experiencing his love gives us knowledge of that love. Knowledge is raw information, observation, data about love…
but INSIGHT comes from experiencing and feeling love, then personalizing that love and applying it to others.
Knowledge is the accumulation of facts or data that you’ve learned about God or about love, and insight is like the deepest level of inner knowing…it’s discernment that gives you a deeper and maybe more clear perception of the power and the impact of love.
And Paul wants us to grow in both. He wants us to grow in head knowledge and heart knowledge because that ultimately makes us more loving to those around us.
Question of the day, why should knowledge be coupled with insight? What happens if one is prioritized over the other? I’m curious to hear your feedback 🙂