Make Psalm 91 A Personal Prayer

God, I take shelter in you. You are the Most High, and I will rest in your shadow. I will live and reside and dwell in your presence, because you are the almighty. Lord, you are MY refuge, MY place of safety, and MY God. I trust you.

I believe you will rescue me from every trap and continue to protect me from deadly disease. Cover me with your feathers, hide me under your wings. I will wear your promises as my armor and protection.

I am not afraid of the terrors at night, nor the arrow that flies in the middle of the day. I’m not afraid of the disease that stalks in the darkness, or the disasters that destroys in the middle of the day.

I see thousands falling all around me, and it seems like evil is winning, but I declare it will not touch me or my home.

Your word says that when I take refuge in you, and I make you my shelter, no harm will overtake me, no disaster will come near my home or my family. You said you will command your angels to protect me, to guard me wherever I go; they will hold me up in their hands and keep me out of harms way.

I trust you, Lord. 

I believe that your power is greater than Satan, the prowling lion, and your foot has crushed the head of the ancient serpent. Therefore, I can walk in confidence over hell, satan and all all his ways.

BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME, RESCUE ME, & PROTECT ME, I will continue to uphold your name. I am calling on you, believing you will answer me, and you will BE WITH ME if any trouble comes my way. I’m confident you WILL DELIVER ME AND HONOR ME. 

Lord, thank you for blessing me WITH A LONG LIFE. For as long as I live, I WILL LIVE TO SATISFY YOU as you are MY SALVATION.”