Sitting here trying to wrap my mind around the past five years…it’s been an incredible journey. I’m blown away at God’s faithfulness to us. I am overwhelmed with both thankfulness AND excitement…I’m THANKFUL because God is allowing me to be a part of this…and I’m EXCITED because Philippians 1:6 reminds me, “God is NOT finished” and “OUR BEST DAYS are in front of us!”

Reflecting back, I can distinctly remember…

-Our very first worship service on Sept 22nd of 2013…it was a Sunday night, we called it a “practice service.” The youth group from Focus Church in Apex and a visiting family of 11 made up about half of our audience.

-Our first “official” church service was Sunday morning, January 19th, 2014. We opened the service with “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. 

-The Henley’s and The Lundy’s had moving here from out of state to help us launch the church, we had promised them about $100 each per month. That was it. I was scared because they sacrificed SO MUCH to plant this church. And I really hoped people would keep coming and start giving so we could keep paying them.

-“Dreaming” about a day when we could have our own pickup truck to pull our trailers instead of relying on people’s personal vehicles.

-Our very first baptism service

-Easter 2014…264 people showed up. All my life I had dreamed of preaching on Easter. FORTY people stood up to receive Salvation. 40. That was day I knew, for sure, God had his hand on us.

-This little slow jam.

-Freaking out a little when we rented our first office space because it was going to cost over $1,000 month…

-Starting our first capital campaign in 2016…we called it, “Here For Good.” We hadn’t even located land yet. We didn’t know what the money was for, just felt led to start saving “just in case” we come across an opportunity.

-Locating, negotiating, and purchasing land last year in 2018. It was an opportunity we had to move quickly on, thankfully we listened to God, did what he said, and had money in the bank!!)

-I could go on and on…God has done an amazing work…I still can’t believe it…and as I have already said, God is NOT finished!!!

THIS coming Sunday, January 20th, Oasis turns FIVE! IF you contributed to establishing Oasis Church in ANY WAY, even if you stopped attending for some reason, I’d like to invite you to come worship with us this Sunday and celebrate 5 years of God’s faithfulness to a little church here in Holly Springs.

Small Church, Big Future.

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