Hey friends,

YES, our culture and country is literally spiraling downward. It’s obvious. You can see it in your feed, you can see it all over the news, and if you cannot see it, it’s because you aren’t looking. But if any of you think that you have the right to look down your nose at other people or talk badly about them, think again. Every time you criticize another person, you condemn yourself. You need to check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Your incessant, never ending accusations of others, pointing out their sins and assuming the worst about them…this is all a facade that helps you mask your own sins, the big and small ones, the public and the private sins. God isn’t looking in the direction of your pointed finger, he’s looking right at you. He sees through your shifting Facebook opinions and directly into your heart. He will hold you accountable to what you’ve done with your life. So you can keep looking the other way, and you can keep name calling and blame shifting, but God knows the true you, he knows the condition of your heart.

Do you really think that if you talk enough junk about a politician, or if you rail on your local officials hard enough, or calling out your friends and family online for their alternate views about social matters, that you could somehow distract God from seeing all your misdoings?Everyone else’s sin might have your attention, but your sin has God’s attention. You might enjoy coming down real hard on others sin, beating them down and holding them accountable, you love to talk about how wrong everyone else is, but what about YOU? When it comes yourself, you have unending grace for your self-righteous, moral superiority. You think you’re better than “those people”, you think your ideals are morally superior, but they’re not. God is a peace maker, not a peacekeeper. You thought he was a “nice” God, and that he’d let you off the hook, but you might want to reconsider your line of thinking. Yes, God is kind, but he’s not nice. He’s not like your step dad who sat in the recliner and drank beer ignorantly while you snuck away and rebelled. He’s a father who, in kindness, takes his family by the hand and walks with us into a complete change of life and heart.

God has eyes in the back of his head. He sees and hears everything. If you think you can get away with it, surprise!, He already knows. All the stiff arming, side stepping, and God dodging you are doing is only delaying the inevitable. Either you can surrender now, or a day will come when God will have to deal with you himself. Trust me, it’s so much easier if you initiate it, don’t keep running, he will catch you and you will experience the wrath of God.It doesn’t matter who you are, either! You can live in 12 Oaks, or Sunset Ridge, or a trailer park in Willow Spring. It does not matter who your parents are, what school you graduated from, or which office park you spend 40 hours a week in. If you roll with the almighty, no matter where you are from or how you were brought up, you are in Good hands. In other words, your parents might be jewish, or maybe you grew up in church, or maybe you are the Pope himself…that doesn’t get you some kind of automatic approval. God isn’t concerned with what you say about you, or what others say about you, He has already made up his own mind because he already knows everything there is to know about you.Some people ask, but what if I sin and I don’t know what I’m doing? I have good intentions, but sometimes I mess up..? Well, I don’t think you need to be worried or watching your back, God knows your heart and if you are rolling with him, he has your back. But it’s those times when you sin, knowing full well what you’re doing, whether overtly rebellious or secretly hiding…that’s the stuff you need to be mindful and aware of. Knowing what God expects of you, and then doing the exact opposite of what you know, is a dangerous road to walk. God is pleased whenever you know what’s right, and then DO it.

I know of some people who aren’t even Christ followers, but they seem to do what God expects by instinct. Even without knowing God, they still have a sensitivity to “right and wrong.” This is proof that God’s not imposing some external standards on us that are foreign, but rather, he has placed a desire deep in our hearts to do what is right.And here’s a really important truth: Religion can’t save you, only God can. You might say “it’s okay, I’m catholic” or “I’m good, I go to church” – but this doesn’t mean you are “good.” Even more, if you think just because you read the Bible or have some kind of special knowledge about God, that you are saved, then think again! Think about this: What if you start getting high and mighty because you read some books and can quote some authors, and you start thinking you are the morality police and you start trying to hold others accountable by condemning and rebuking them, then suddenly you yourself fall into temptation and sin. How will you deal with your own sin? You can pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes with smooth talk about God and the Bible. Heck, maybe you even went as far as going through a public circumcision just to put up and exterior “image” of holiness. But that doesn’t even matter if you are not any different after the procedure! If your heart is dark and your foreskin is cut off, it makes NO DIFFERENCE eternally. You might as well find a seamstress and sew the foreskin back on, because someone with foreskin who lives right is way better than someone who got circumcised but still lives in darkness!!! It’s not the cut of a knife that makes a good with God, it’s a matter of your HEART. And you should seek to please God, not your friends at school or your neighbors!

-Rosemans 2